Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where do they go?

Do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite childhood candies? Many of them, such as Candy Cigarettes, Abba Zabba, U-NO, Licorice Pipes, Bonomo's, and Bit O Honey are still manufactured and sold online at Others have been discontinued. Even classic holiday staples such as Bob's Big Jim's (discontinued December 2010) are not safe from termination.
What causes a manufacturer to discontinue a product? A majority of the time candy companies aren't informed of the reasoning behind losing their favorite product, only that they will no longer be able to order it. Just know that we are just as sad as you are to see our favorites disappear!
The Harry Potter line from Palmer's has been discontinued as of this year, we do still have a few of the Chocolate Frogs in stock:, but once they have sold out we will be unable to order more. Also recently discontinued but still in stock are the Kits Original Taffy Chews, we still have a few 144ct tubs:
What favorite items have you been unable to find locally?

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