Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Facebook Contest!!!

Candy Crate Sweet Ones Contest

Submit a photo of your little one enjoying their favorite sweet treat for a chance to win a $40 gift card redeemable on our website CandyCrate.com.
Photos must be submitted via email to CandyCrate@rocketmail.com
no later than 7/8/11 at 10pm PST.
Voting begins Tuesday on our Facebook Page
 7/11/11 at 2pm PST and ends 7/29/11 at 2pm PST.
The photo with the most ‘likes’ will win!


*Only one photo per child may be entered

*Only the parent or legal guardian of a child may enter a photo of their child.
*The photo must be in .jpg file format no greater than 10MB
*The treat must be purchasable through CandyCrate.com

Any violation will render you ineligible and your photo will be removed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A fun addition to your 4th of July Bash :)

Rocket Pops

What you need:

Pop Rocks:
We used the Candy Cane red/white cherry flavor

Blow Pops/Tootsie Pops
We used a blow pop

But the patriotic Tootsie pops would probably be best

Juice or water.

Dip pops in juice and roll pop into pop rocks. Set aside of wax paper to dry.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wishing a sweet father's day to all the dad's out there!

A Father’s Day poem
because my Pop Rocks!

Even though you can be a nut roll
with butterfingers,
 Mom and I know
what a big hunk you really are!
 You’ve been the best dad
a sour patch kid like me could have
and I love you more than a hundred grand.
Although parenting can be a
Rocky Road
You handled it well with a few chuckles
and a lot of snickers!
It might seem like Tommie is Slo-Poke
and I’m an airhead,
but U-No what smarties we really are!
So thanks Dad for all that you do!
Now that we’re grown,
enjoy your payday
by throwing back some
bottle caps and tequila suckers!

Love you zotz, and zotz, and zotz!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun with Food Friday...

I apologize for the posting delay with this week's FwfF!

Fish Bowl Centerpieces


Rock Candy Strings: Blue Raspberry

Swedish Fish

Gummi Sea Critters Candy


Sour Belts Candy

Wooden Skewers


Fill the bottom of a jar, fish bowl, or punch bowl with the rock candy strings. Cut 2-3 skewers in varying lengths from 3in- 4in tall. Attach Swedish Fish to the sharp end of your skewers and push into the rock candy so that they are 'swimming' above it. Cut sour strips in half, then use scissors to cut strips, stopping about a half inch from the end to create a fringe like appearance. Secure uncut end in rock candy and fan the cut pieces. Repeat until desired sea plant effect is created. Place your sea critters around to decorate your tank.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our winning jingle :)

We held a jingle contest on our Facebook page this week and wanted to share our winner with you!

Diane Mohr wrote:

"Sweet Tooth's screamin'
and longing for the past?
Candy Crate's the place
for a little nostalgic blast!!

New candy, retro candy
items in between,
online or drive by
Candy Crate's where it's happening!"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun with Food Friday!

Silly Snakes

What you need:

* One Roll Necco Wafers (we used chocolate)

* Candy strip, like Bubble Gum Tape, Sour Strip, or Licorice
(we used Broadway Delfa Rolls)

*Cookie Icing
(we used Wilton's)

*Small round candy for eyes (Skittles, Dots,Red Hots etc)
We used pieces of chocolate Cow Tales

To Make:

Cut candy roll into a 3-4 inch strip and flatten (for severely rolled candy microwave for 5-7 seconds). Cut one end into a 'V' to create the tongue for your snake.
Layer Necco wafers to create scales, using cookie icing as glue.  
If using Cow Tales cut 1-2cm pieces off and attach to front most wafer to create eyes. For other candies, attach with cookie icing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eat sweets without blowing your diet!

These sweets are all under 100 calories!

Abba Zaba Mini
Only 50 calories each piece!

Tootsie Pops
Only 60 calories per pop!

Cow Tales Mini
Only 42 calories per piece!

Jaw Busters
Only 90 calories per box!

Salt Water Taffy
Only 15 calories per piece!

Brach's Chocolate Stars
100 Calories per 5 Stars

Caramel Apple Pops
Only 60 calories per pop!
This item is also Glutten Free :)