Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun with Food Friday!

Silly Snakes

What you need:

* One Roll Necco Wafers (we used chocolate)

* Candy strip, like Bubble Gum Tape, Sour Strip, or Licorice
(we used Broadway Delfa Rolls)

*Cookie Icing
(we used Wilton's)

*Small round candy for eyes (Skittles, Dots,Red Hots etc)
We used pieces of chocolate Cow Tales

To Make:

Cut candy roll into a 3-4 inch strip and flatten (for severely rolled candy microwave for 5-7 seconds). Cut one end into a 'V' to create the tongue for your snake.
Layer Necco wafers to create scales, using cookie icing as glue.  
If using Cow Tales cut 1-2cm pieces off and attach to front most wafer to create eyes. For other candies, attach with cookie icing.

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