Friday, December 14, 2012

Who knew?!

We’re kicking off our 12 days of Candy Canes with some fun facts about this traditional sweet treat!

*National Candy Cane Day is December 26!
* Traditionally the candy came in long solid white sticks. The red and white canes we are now familiar with did not come around until the 1900’s.
*The approximate shelf life of Candy Canes is 2-3 years as long as they are properly stored.
*The average candy cane is approximately 5 inches in length and weighs roughly half an ounce. The largest cane recorded was produced in 2011 at 63 feet tall!
*Candy Canes were originally manufactured in Germany in the 17th century.
*Spangler candy company makes approximately 2.7 million candy canes a day!
*The most popular uses of candy canes include decorating the Christmas tree and baking.  How do you use them?

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