Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our boss is out of town this week....

She went on a Disney cruise! We're not bitter at all. Who would want to spend a week with Mickey on the open sea with the clear blue sky overhead and a tropical drink in their hand? Not us, that's who!

We're keeping busy. Just today some of our lovely ladies that work in the office had a race. Yep, a race. A penguin pooper race to be exact.
We have Tracy in the green bow, Jessica with the red, and Niki with the yellow. Just when Miss Green started to pull ahead, Miss Yellow got a little erhm...push...and pulled off the big win!

It's obvious how much more fun we're having here than our boss is on her cruise. Racing penguins over snorkeling and sun tanning, it's a no-brainer really.

Like I said, we're not bitter. Not at all.

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