Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Make your Own Gingerbread House

Have you ever made your own gingerbread house from scratch? It can be an exciting endeavor for any ambitious family looking to try their hand a delicious, creative and artistic activity. But what's involved, and how can you get started?

If you're making your own gingerbread house from scratch the first thing you need to do is come up with a plan and a concept. This includes what you want your house to look like. Will it be a generic four walls and a roof house, will it be designed after your own home, or will you do something grander and more spectacular like a huge palace or castle?

Feel free to search around a bit online and you'll find informative step-by-step guides, photo examples of different finished projects, and all kinds of tips and suggestions. That's what our Pinterest was created for!

Beyond that, the basic thing you need to remember is that your gingerbread cookie pieces are the building blocks of your home. Icing is the mortar. So you'll need to lay down a generous amount of "mortar" onto the base you're working with, as well as in between all of the gingerbread cookie pieces, to keep everything in place.

Hold them in place for a few minutes and let everything dry to create a sturdy structure, and then gently top off with the roof itself. Once the basic structure of the gingerbread house has been created, you can then go about the decorative process.

Here, the possibilities are endless, with any type of icing, sprinkles, candy treats, chocolates, marshmallows and on down the line which can be utilized. Candy canes and different colors of icing can help get things in festive spirit, and there are many ways to create a more "realistic" landscape if you'd choose, versus a more fanciful or imaginary one.

Of course, at Candy Crate, we make it easier than ever for you to make your own gingerbread house over the holidays. We offer a huge selection of gingerbreadhouse kits which include everything you need for a simple, straightforward and fun experience constructing a gingerbread house with your kids and your family.

These kits will include the pre-baked panels of the gingerbread house itself, as well as decorative candies, icing and accessories, the cardboard base that everything will be constructed on, tools and utensils to use with the construction and decorating process, and even assembly and decorating instructions.
Now there's no guess work, hassle or aggravation. Just buy a kit and get tosharing a great holiday activity which will soon become a new annual household tradition. You don't even need to do any baking!

Other favorites include options such as the Sleigh Kit, and other options from favorite characters such as
Snoopy or Rudolph the Red Noise Reindeer. Several candy brands make their own as well, includingWonka and Tootsie Roll.

We also carry pre-baked gingerbread men cookies, gingerbread Christmas tree kits, gingerbread sleigh kits, and entire gingerbread village kits.

So give making your own gingerbread house a shot this holiday season, have some fun with the kids, and let your imagination run wild!

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