Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monsters Inc First Birthday Party for Dax!

First birthday 'chalk board' made using

We framed and hung above the mantle.

Mike's margaritas were made with Kirkland Brand Margarita Mix from Costco. 
Sulley's Blue Raspberry Lemonade was made with Blue Lemonade Kool-aid and Minute Maid frozen lemonade mix.

To make the silverware holder we used empty containers from Gerber Puffs and spray painted lime green. We hot glued a googly eye and drew the mouth with sharpie to complete. 

We added photos in and around the photo frames on the family wall to complete the 'look.'

We had all the fixin's for Nacho's in the kitchen

All green, Mike, veggie and fruit platters (and of course chips and salsa for the nachos).

Outdoors was a bounce house, lime green tables for eating or visiting (not pictured), and THE SCARE FLOOR! Complete with a real working light on Boo's door! 

A no first birthday is complete without the SMASH CAKE! 

Icing matched the purple Sulley  (with bright blue Sulley ring) and lime green Mike (with lime green frosting and Mike ring) cupcakes. We sadly, forgot to get a photo of these!

First Birthday- Success!


  1. Thanks for sharing, super cute!

  2. Hey, truly this Monsters Inc First Birthday Party for Dax was amazing. My sister also hosted a surprise party for our dad’s 50thbirthday. She booked one of the prettiest roof top LA venues for this family event. Really very enjoyable and memorable party it was!

  3. Do you recal how you made or where you got the scare doors? The one with the ramp/ frame. I need to make something similar for a church event.